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STEM DRC Initiative Founder Profiled By Voice Of America

STEM DRC Initiative founder and president profiled by Voice of America:  She grew up in a small city in Africa. After almost dying because the hospital had no electricity for several days, she decided to devote her life to bringing electricity to her people in the DRC.  Now she has become a Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Toledo, an entrepreneur, and a global thought leader promoting education as a means to lift up the Congo nation.


STEM DRC Initiative Promotes STEM Education

News Videos About Girl Power 2020 Keynote Address at Imagination Station in Toledo



TED Talk at TEDx Montrouge, an independently organized TED event

  • Dr. Mubenga was honored to present a TED Talk at the TEDx Montrouge event on November 9, 2019 where the event theme was “The Spark” referring to the brilliant moment of creativity or the fire of passion where individuals come up with sparkling ideas and offer alternative, positive and inspiring paths that influence others. The talk addressed the value of STEM education for all, especially girls, highlighted the power of STEM Technology to improve the world, and discussed the success of the STEM DRC Initiative in providing STEM Scholarships.