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Funding Education To Support Socio-Economic Development

The STEM DRC Initiative
is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.


We Support Socio-Economic Empowerment in The Democratic Republic of the Congo By Providing STEM Scholarships to Worthy Students.

The Non-Profit Foundation is dedicated to lifting the economic future of an entire country by moving minds forward in the arena of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

This is done by providing STEM Education Scholarships to students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (DRC) in Africa, and collaborating with STEM professionals from the USA, DRC, and the world.

Examples of Scholarships Awarded

The 2018 Ngalula Mubenga scholarships for STEM education were awarded to Mr. Bolia, who is studying polytechnique at the University of Kinshasa, and to Mr. Claude, who is studying science and technology at the Loyola University in Congo studying renewable energies.  General Counsel, Dr. Madimba KADIMA-NZUJI presented The STEM Scholarship Certificates at a ceremony in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The primary goal of the STEM DRC Initiative is to provide STEM education

The STEM DRC Initiative has one main goal: To encourage students in the Democratic Republic the Congo to become innovators, educators, and leaders in STEM fields so that they can find solutions to the challenges we face in DRC and Africa.  This kind of empowerment to support bright young students will support future economic development for the benefit of the entire country as a whole.

Mission statement:

According to the organization, “Our main concern is to find ways to foster the desire for engagement in STEM education, to find ways to maintain it in students and teachers, to encourage collaborative research in STEM fields, and to foster entrepreneurship in STEM industries. We believe that the STEM fields will empower Congolese to find solutions to problems faced in the DRC.”

About our growth and support

In 2018, the Foundation offered 6 scholarships #STEMDRC. In 2019, 53 Scholarships were awarded, thanks to our sponsors in the DRC. The organization is especially excited to share that 70 percent of these scholarships are for women in STEM..

Our next goals:

  • The STEM DRC Initiative is accepting donations in order to award 100 scholarships in 2020
  • The vision for 2030 is that we hope these scholarships will have produced 700 well-trained scientists able to solve Socio-Economic challenges in the DRC.

The organization and scholarship efforts are supported by a network of STEM professionals, students, researchers, institutions, and entrepreneurs who operate in the DRC , it’s dispora, including the USA.

In the Summer of 2019, the Foundation secured the approval of the first lady of DRC Denise Tshisekedi, wife of President Felix Tshisekedi. who has graciously agreed to be the Ambassador of the STEM DRC Initiative.

About the founder 

The STEM DRC Initiative was founded by Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, PhD, PE who was born in the city of Kinshasa in the DRC. After suffering a potentially lethal medical emergency as a young lady, because a hospital in Kinshasa, DRC had no electricity and no gas for the generator, Dr. Mubenga decided to dedicate her life to bringing electricity to her native country.

Dr. Mubenga completed her Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral work at the University of Toledo in the USA. During this time, she invented a hybrid hydrogen/electric car along with a hydrogen generating station that creates hydrogen fuel for the car from sunlight and air.

She also helped invent the Bi-level Battery Equalizer for improved management of large-scale lithium ion battery banks such as are used in Automotive, Aerospace, and Solar Power Installations, and Utility Scale Solar PV Electrification projects. This patented invention reduces battery bank size by 30% and increases service life by 30% making products using lithium ion battery banks smaller, lighter, and more durable.

As Founder and CEO of SMIN Power Group LLC, Dr. Mubenga is working as an electrical engineer with interest in electrification projects up to and including those serving entire communities. She is also a tenure-track professor of electrical engineering technology at the University of Toledo.

How You Can Help

The STEM DRC Initiative is seeking partnerships with others of like mind and spirit to offer:

  1. STEM-based online classes and tutorial that have plenty of DIY video for traditional students.
  2. STEM-based online classes for those who dropped out of school but are interested in STEM. Especially girls.
  3. Virtual (Remote Online) classes where professor can be in one location and teach a class located in the DRC, Africa, or anywhere in the world.

Further, The STEM DRC Initiative would like to create STEM DRC centers in DRC where:

  1. Children’s (students) and adults (teachers) can experiment with hands-on activities, STEM classes.
  2. Testing will take place for the STEM scholarship
  3. Entrepreneurs in the STEM field can find the resources, mentorship and facilities to start their business with support of an incubator providing facilities for 3-4 small business startups.
  4. Top notch lab spaces based on international standards can be created for collaborative research such as those sponsored by the NSF.

Join Us To Fund Education For Social & Economic Transformation

Even Small Donations Help! American Donations Accepted @GoFundMe

To Learn More About The Organization, Membership, and Supporters in Africa, or to Learn How to Apply for a Scholarship, Visit www.StemDRC.com

Further reading

Interested readers, media, or potential partners are invited to investigate further at www.stemdrc.comwww.drmubenga.com , and www.sminpowergroup.com.