From Small Beginnings To Great Progress: 2018-2020


Powerful Social, Economic, and Humanitarian Impacts Are Expected From Our Graduates! 

– In 2018: We awarded 6 scholarships

– In 2019: We awarded 53 Scholarships (70% Girls!)



– In 2020: We hope to award 100 scholarships.



– By 2030: 700 well-trained scientists will be working in the DRC



When the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic began, STEM DRC Initiative founder, Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, Ph.D, PE, recognized that there would not be enough ventilators for the hospitals in the DR Congo. Ventilators were in short supply abroad, and the country did not have the funds to purchase them.

That’s when Dr. Mubenga went into action:

  • Organizing a team of colleagues, engineers and students in the scholarship
  • Provided mentoring program for team to design a ventilator that can be built from materials available in the DR Congo. 
  • Designing and Inventing a working prototype
  • Submitting Prototype for regulatory approval as a medical device that can save lives.


This kind of global minded thought leadership serves what we hope is a high standard of offering progress for all people.  By providing higher education, we actively address UN Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty, No Hunger, and more!  The need is so great! We have built the framework for vetting scholarship recipients, mentoring our scholars, and engaging the scholars in solving poverty, hunger, human rights abuse, unemployment, and more. 

We are proud of our accomplishments to date but want to make better use of the network and systems we have built.  That’s why we are asking for your help.  We can do so much more with proper funding.  Please support our important work!  

Thank You!

The STEM DRC Initiative



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