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Support Socio-Economic Transformation Through Education

Many people with an interest in DR Congo would like to do something to help the Congolese  with social and economic advancement.  Sponsorships or Donations from the DRC and its Diaspora including populations in the USA and throughout the world will help create a better tomorrow for future generations.  Education and mentoring programs will lead to electrification and entrepreneurial projects.  Job creation will support social and economic transformation.

Foundation and Corporate Support Opportunities:

Your foundation, charitable organization, or corporation can help create a better future for millions of Congolese people. Charitable Support Donations Accepted @Charity.GoFundMe.com or use our Contact Form to propose sponsorship, partnership, or other support.

Individual Support Opportunities

Your donation, using form below, in any amount, will support higher education, helping to improve everyday lives for the 90% of Congolese people who still have to live in poverty without access to even such basic needs such as food, clean water, or reliable electricity.

Mobile Donations with Alma (Philanthropic Fund Raising App):

More Ways to Donate Coming Soon:

Our Mission:
STEM Education in the DR Congo  

STEM DRC Initiative Awards STEM Education Scholarships

The STEM DRC Initiative is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization duly formed and properly registered in the USA, operating for the benefit of the DRC.

Support from USA Sponsors and Donations can help the STEM DRC Initiative provide STEM Scholarships for 70 Deserving University Students In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo in Africa in the year 2020.