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STEM DRC Founder Advancing the Modern Energy Sector in the DRC

STEM DRC Founder Advancing the Modern Energy Sector in the DRC

Dr. Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga, Ph.D., PE is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Toledo in the State of Ohio who divides her life between the United States and her native country, Congo-Kinshasa.

After coming to America to earn her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in electrical engineering, and after earning the PE designation as a Professional Engineer, she began giving back to her native country. 

Dr. Mubenga began serving in gradually escalating official capacities in the energy sector in the DRC.  Currently, by the appointment of Félix Tshisekedi,  President of the DRC, her current position is that she is now Director of the Electricity Regulatory Authority in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Mubenga also gives back to the DRC with her NGO. The STEM DRC Initiative is a registered non-profit organization that funds STEM scholarships for Congolese students and helps her native country combat the Coronavirus Pandemic.


  • In 2018 we started to offer 6 scholarships to students in STEM, Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Maths, so that we have more young people in these fields. 
  • Then, with friends, we created the STEM DRC Initiative. 
  • In 2019 we gave 53 scholarships
  • In 2020 our students invented a new emergency respirator to save COVID-19 patients
  • In 2021 we are funding 100 scholarships

Dr. Mubenga is also very active in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Her NGO, STEM DRC Initiative, has started manufacturing respirators. The functional and pilot prototypes are complete and the development process continues.

The words, “ Do my best in the pursuit of excellence, therefore in everything I do, do my best” resonate with Dr. Mubenga.  For example, when the University of Toledo entrusted her with the energy management of the five campuses in 2012, she saved the university 5 million dollars in five years.